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With a reputation built on offering superior service, experienced team and high quality materials, Premier Home MN is one of the most sought after residential roofing contractors in Minnesota. Commercially licensed, insured and bonded, Premier Home MN has experienced residential roofing crews that are dedicated to ensuring a seamless process with superior quality finished roof.

Our Crews

Our experienced roofing staff has the dedication and communication skills to ensure your satisfaction on all residential roofing needs.

Not sure if you need roof repair or shingles to be replaced?

We offer a free roof inspection, where we can help you determine the best actionable plan to get your roof back to its original glory and keep you and your family protected from the elements and headaches that a leaky roof, or roof failure can cause.

Signs that let you know that you need a new roof or your roof repaired – Here are the indicators that your roof should be re-shingled or replaced to maintain your home’s defense against the elements:

When you look up at your roof are so many of the colored granules gone that your roof looks like it has bald spots? While the shingles might still be keeping moisture out, a lack of reflective granules allows excess heat into your home, raising the temperature inside your house and increasing your air conditioning costs. Furthermore, once exposed, the underlying asphalt will soon dry out and crack, and then your roof will be susceptible to rain or even more damage from snow and ice forming on your roof.
Take a look up at your roof, are the bottoms of the shingles cupped or curling up - making the underside of the shingle visible? This issue looks bad, but more importantly, it means wind-driven moisture can easily get under the shingles and into your roof deck where it might cause leaks and rot.
The cracked areas aren’t keeping moisture off the deck of your roof, causing the risk of leaks, or more damage to the surface of your roof that the Shingles are designed to protect.
Sometimes its hard as a home owner to be able to locate a leak in your roof, before you notice it even you may have more damage inside of your home than you know. Your roof is an entire system - it has multiple elements to its structure, not just the shingles. Deck paper, flashing, moisture barrier in valleys, starter shingles, vent stack boots and other components are part of an entire roofing system. Premier Home MN helps by providing a free roof inspection to help you isolate where the issue is, it may not be the entire roof - but it's important to call us at the first sign of a leaky roof - so we can help you mitigate further damage to your house.
Cosmetics do matter to homeowners and potential buyers. If your roof is worn, has algae staining that won’t clean up or has patches of moss on it, boosting its appearance with a new layer of shingles will make a huge difference. The roof is a major visual point of your home, when you have a fresh, crisp new roof, it shines brighter than all others on the block.

See any of these signs? If you are in need of roof repair contact our Insurance Claim Specialists

Our claim specialists are trained with the same expertise as insurance adjusters and we work with our customers’ needs in mind. Premier Home MN can identify any damage to your roof and handle your insurance claim on your behalf. We make it our mission to take some of the weight off your shoulders during this stressful time.

Give us a call at the first sign of storm damage to your roof, and we’ll come to you!